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UV Sterilizer Box for Phone Face Mask Key Chain

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  • 1.Effectively kill bacteria on cellphone in 3 minutes and keep you and your children away from germs.it also can disinfect face mask, maintain the protective effect of masks, extend their service life and reduce the risk of infection.
  • 2. mobile phones or household items collect all the unclean things I touched during the day. Our cell phone is a petri dish in our pocket, use the phone uv sanitizer to clean the phone; keep the device clean and healthy. No contaminants or residues. Safe and environmentally friendly mode!
  • 3. QUICK CLEANING IN 3MINS .This sterilizer box adopts harmless ultraviolet light disinfection, offering high sterilizing rate up to 99.9%; UV light at wavelength 253.7mm is easily absorbed by organisms,Thereby quickly cleaning by destroying DNA. Can kills Unclean things on your phone.
  • 4.Not only for smartphone and face mask, the sterilizer case also works great with toothbrush, underpants, jewelry, makeup brushes, watches, keys, earphones, and other small items.
  • 5. You can add essential oils to operate the aromatherapy function. (Note that disinfection and aromatherapy cannot be performed at the same time, and the aromatherapy function is generally completed after disinfection)
  • 6.Great gift for birthday,thanksgiving day,Christmas, Valentine's Day and other occasions,special gift for someone care about personal healty and works in health system.

UV Sterilizer Box for Phone Face Mask Key Chain


Product color: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Size:
  • Outside width: 12.5cm, outside length: 22.5cm, outside height: 5cm
  • Inner width: 10 cm, inner length: 18 cm, inner height: 3 cm
  • Ultraviolet light wavelength: 253.7mm
  • Input voltage: DC 5V
  • Rated power: 9W
  • Maximum capacity: 6.5-inch mobile phone
  • Disinfection time: 3 minutes
  • Power supply: Plug in

  • Using Method:

    1. Turn on the power, then close the cover, press the disinfection button on the left, the indicator light flashes, disinfection starts, the dual ultraviolet light is on, the work progress bar starts to flash forward, about 3 minutes, the progress bar reaches 100%, disinfection is complete, ultraviolet The light goes out.
  • 2. Turn on the power, and then close the cover. After adding aromatherapy, press the right side of the aromatherapy button, the indicator light flashes, aromatherapy starts, the work progress bar starts to flash forward for about 3 minutes, the progress bar reaches 100%, and aromatherapy is complete.
  • Package Includes:

    1 X UV Sterilizer Box
  • 1 X Product Manual
  • 1 X 100CM USB data cable
  • More Information
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