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Skin Analyzer

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Skin Analyzer

Skin Analyzer

  • "Anytime" "Anywhere" "Anyone". Just hit the moisture checker under the forehead, the outer corner of the eye, cheeks, inside the arms! Even without going to an esthetic, you can know your own skin condition on a daily basis

    The state of your skin changes little by little depending on everyday life such as ultraviolet ray during the day, skin stress, age, mental balance and so on. First of all it is important to know the state of your skin. If you choose a lotion or facial cleanser according to that condition, you can perfect skin care for yourself

    Just need to press the button and wait for the result. Don't worry you are not professional, it also can help you become skin management expert in your family

    Design with LCD back-light display, it can shows the result shortly after testing, the precision data can be read then you can take actions to care for facial skin

    Simple operation; Stylish and portable with compact pen-type

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