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Pumpkin Baby Pot Training Portable Toilet

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  • Cute Pumpkin Shape: Cute Pumpkin Shape and Brilliant Color Attract Your Baby's Attention, Baby falls in love with the toilet.
  • Raise the bouncing prevention baffle: The baby's urine rebounds, your baby can use comfortably for boys and girls.
  • Firmly large chair leg: four large chair feet, please be secure so that you can safely use the baby.
  • Huge toilet bowl: Use removable polishing techniques to easily clean the smooth walls and avoid bacteria.
  • Functional diversity: It rotates the pumpkin in 1 second, rotates the pedestal pan for 1 second and rotates the seat for 1 second, so it is interesting!

Pumpkin Baby Pot Training Portable Toilet



  • Product Name:Baby Carry Potty
  • Material:PP
  • Dimension:  28 x 28 x 30 cm
  • Applicable Age: 8 months-6 years old
  • SKU:HH0179

Package Includes

  • Baby Carry Potty*1