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Garden Paving Brick Concrete Molds Mould

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  • This garden mold is mainly designed for the family, making the path of the garden path more beautiful, making your home and garden more artistic.
  • It is easy to handle and easy to use in the process of making cement molds. Even an inexperienced person can create a beautiful path.
  • Wash the concrete mold before it is solidified, and then use it repeatedly. If the road is made, you can choose cement with strong characteristics and solidification to shorten the time.
  • The path mold uses Polypropylene's high-strength and tough black material, which is lightweight and easy to carry.

Garden Paving Brick Concrete Molds Mould





Self-built houses, DIY design corridors, home roads, balconies, courtyards, gardens, vegetable plots, landscapes, swimming pools, art floors




Very practical garden tools - Concrete garden molds will help you decorate your backyard landscape. 


By using garden stepping stones as your path, the beauty, and health of your plants.


Ideal for creating sidewalks, sidewalks, trails, terraces, picnic areas, and other outdoor finishes.



  • Product Name: Garden Paving Mould 
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: about 0.21 kg
  • Shape: Hexagon-Honeycomb
  • SKU:MT0011

Package Includes

  • 1*Garden Paving Mould
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