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Fashion 100% Cashmere Scarf

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Fashion 100% Cashmere Scarf
  • Made from 100% pure cashmere, this cashmere travel wrap is luxuriously soft and warm, with multiple uses making it perfect for taking with you on your travels
  • Generously sized at 80” x 30” it can be worn in endless ways: as a wrap, oversized scarf, shawl, snood or travel blanket
  • Comes with a care guide and a protective cotton dust bag to store the cashmere wrap in while traveling, making it easy to pop in your carry-on, backpack or handbag
  • Perfect for keeping warm on flights, cruises, train and car journeys, in hotel rooms and while out and about sightseeing in changeable weather
  • This cashmere wrap is 12 gauge which is a denser cashmere knit and is suitable for all seasons and climates

Fashion 100% Cashmere Scarf


  • Soft & Lightweight Cashmere Travel Wrap is a smart investment in your travel accessories and wardrobe.
  • It can be worn as a wrap, scarf, shawl or snood and has you covered in so many travel situations such as cold air conditioning on planes and in hotel rooms, on cruise decks, quickly changing summer weather and unplanned visits to religious buildings while sightseeing.
  • Cashmere offers softness and warmth as well as being a smart investment. Cashmere travels well, doesn’t wrinkle and becomes softer with age.
  • Dry clean or gentle hand wash. Dry flat away from sunlight or direct heat source. Fold for storage.
  • 100% pure cashmere, 12 gauge knit; 2 ply, generously sized at 80” x 30”.


  • Cashmere is the fine hair from the undercoat of cashmere goats. Most cashmere comes from the goats of Mongolia and China as the harsh climate, where winters can be -40 degrees, means the cashmere goats adapted to the climate by developing a double fleece. There is an outer guard layer that protects the undercoat from water, and an undercoat made of ultra-fine hairs with strong insulating properties. This undercoat is what produces cashmere. Inner Mongolia is generally seen as the best origin for cashmere, due to harsher winters which produces the longest, thinnest, softest hair.


  • The Touch Test: The best quality cashmere is soft, but not overly soft to touch – it softens over time. Some companies increase the softness by treating the cashmere with chemical softeners or by over-washing it which reduces the life of the cashmere garment. Beware of cashmere that feels unbelievably soft.

    The Stretch Test: Gently stretch out a piece of the cashmere and see if it springs back into shape. Good quality cashmere will, lower quality cashmere will remain out of shape. Also stretch it and look through it. The tighter the knit of the cashmere the better it will retain its shape and be less susceptible to holes.

    The Pilling Test: Rub your hand over the cashmere item. If little balls start forming it is a sign that the cashmere used contains an excess amount of shorter hairs which means lower quality. All cashmere pills when rubbed over time, but if it pills immediately it’s a sign of low quality.


  • A blend will combine cashmere with wool, silk or synthetic fibers. These cheaper fibers lower the cost. Buying a blend means you’re compromising on cost for the very things that make cashmere so sought after – it’s softness, lightweight and insulating properties. To check if the garment is 100% cashmere the label should state ‘100% cashmere’ as required by the Federal Trade Commission in the U.S. If it is a blend it must state the percentages of yarn on the label by law e.g. 20% cashmere / 80% merino wool.


  • Ply’s are the number of strands twisted together to make the cashmere yarn. Look for 2-ply cashmere items, as the two strands twisted together form a stronger yarn. 1-ply cashmere is less durable and can develop holes easily. Higher ply’s add additional weight and warmth, but do not indicate additional quality.

    Gauge is a measure of how tightly the item is knitted. Gauge refers to the number of stitches per inch. With 12 gauge there are 12 stitches of yarn in one inch of knitted cashmere, so the cashmere is relatively dense. With 7 gauge there are 7 stitches per inch, so the cashmere has a more open look and is lighter.

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