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Crocodile Biting Finger Dentist Toy

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  • JOINTS REINFORCED: The joints that connect the lower and upper jaws have been redesigned and reinforced to ensure that the jaws will not loosen apart easily even when playing quite roughly.
  • GEARS OPTIMIZED: The inner mechanic gears also have been reorganized and refastened to solve the problem that in some circumstances the mouth might not stay open, and to guarantee that the open-press-bite mechanism works more reliably.
  • SURFACE IMPROVED: Some improvements have been brought about to the Crocodile Toy’s surface,which, when making it more glossy and smooth, hardens the surface to be more scratch-proof.
  • DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE AGES 4 AND UP: Perfect for family game night, kids will love the tense, thrilling excitement.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Crocodile Toy includes 1 very ornery crocodile who does not require batteries or assembly. Contains no loose parts!

Crocodile Biting Finger Dentist Toy


How to play?

The croc has 13 teeth on its lower jaw. Push up its upper jaw, its mouth will stay open. Press down on one random tooth, the tooth will stay down and the mouth will stay open if the tooth is not the one that would switch on the biting down. Players could press the teeth one by one until the upper jaw bites down. Push up the upper jaw again, randomly, one of the 13 teeth will be on the switch. It is ready to start a new game.

Amusing to have

Kids could play as a dentist to check the Crocodile’s teeth,or play game with it as the one who gets bitten lose the game. Adults could also play with it when drawing lots to decide something. Or even placing this cute Crocodile Toy right on your desk or behind your car’s front windshield could be fun.

Springs Adapted

We also reduce the strength of springs to a more proper degree so the biting-down becomes gentler and will not be too hard as some of our customers claimed.


  • Product Name: Crocodile Biting Finger Game
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 3 years and up
  • Dimension:  6.3 x 5 x 3 inches
  • SKU:TY0085

Package Includes

  •   Crocodile Biting Finger Game*1
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