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Caulk Strip Waterproof Sealing Tape

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  • 【Sealed and beautiful】Provides a long lasting seal and gives a finished professional look to kitchen and bath areas. Keep your house clean and tidy as new one for a long time.Environmentally friendly and non-toxic,very nice and comfortable feeling, specially designed for family.
  • 【FLEXIBLE】 Pre-shaped for Fast and Easy Installation: Simply peel and press self-adhesive strip to the surface in minutes. No tools, No mess, hassle and waste, easy alternative to regular caulk
  • 【Durable Material】 Made of high-quality PE material,features stronger stickiness and adhesion than traditional PVC. it is waterproof, dampproof, mould proof, oil-proof, sturdy and durable,gives a finished professional look
  • 【USE ON 】 Widely used for sealing the seams of gas stove, sink, basin, bathtub and walls, it could prevent them from getting mouldy and black, keep your kitchen and bathroom clean and tidy.
  • 【PROTECTION】 Can be used over existing caulk for the finishing touch
  • 【Note】 The cream colour now produce as Peach colour. Please make sure before you order Cream one.
  • 【Service】 If there any question please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service [email protected]; You can also follow our FB page "VendinPlus Online Shopping" for more information.

Caulk Strip Waterproof Sealing Tape

Caulk Strip Waterproof Sealing Tape

A Time-Saving Alternative to Caulk

With this simple peel and stick caulk tape for blocking crevices and preventing moisture related damage, you can seal up any space within minutes. This smooth caulk tape reduces the need for preparing the sealant, inserting it into the piping, and injecting it carefully into the cracks.

High Safety Levels

The caulk tape and glue are safe for household use, even when you have pets or young children in the family. This self adhesive caulk strip is also eco-friendly, non-polluting, and does not contain any reactive compounds that give off noxious fumes or chemicals.

Caulk Strip Waterproof Sealing Tape
Caulk Strip Waterproof Sealing Tape

Easy to Use

This peel and stick caulk tape comes in an easy-to-apply design. All you need to do is measure the desired length and cut it with an ordinary pair of scissors. Peel off the cover and stick it in place. With a little pressure of your fingers, you can seal any crevice or crack in your house.


This caulk tape is more durable than regular PVC as it has longer lasting adhesion so it won’t come off when wet. Also, the self adhesive caulk strip is not affected by dust, moisture, humidity, mould, or grease. Once you stick the peel and stick caulk on a surface, it will stay there without allowing any damage.

Caulk Strip Waterproof Sealing Tape

Widespread Applications

This waterproof self adhesive caulk strip is ideal for parts of your home that need extra protection against water exposure. You can stick it along your kitchen sink, wash basin, bathtub, and in your laundry area.


  • Dimensions: 3.8 cm x 3.2 m
  • Colour: Brown, Gray, White, Cream (Factory produce Cream more likely as Peach colour now a day)

  • Can cover wall corner stress cracks and paint mishaps
  • Aims to provide moisture- and mildew-resistant barrier to prevent unsanitary conditions on toilet base, counter-top, tubs and showers
  • Foldable to 90 degrees to create a tight seal
  • Made of PVC material
  • Waterproof
  • Damp-, mould- and oil-proof
  • Durable and sturdy to use
  • Crease design
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Simply can tear and stick to any dry, clean and flat surface
  • Easy to use and trim

Package Includes

  • 1 or 2 or 4 pcs Waterproof Sealing Tape as you choose